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Hello Seattle! IT support is always important, but even more so as companies adapt to new remote work situations. SWAT Systems is offering free consultations to help you stay productive and safe online.

We are also proactively calling all our clients over the next week to see how we can help.


Does keeping up with tech feel like riding a bike with square wheels?

Is your IT support missing in action when you need it most?  

Does your “real work” go undone while you fight IT fires? 

Sticking your head in the sand when it comes to cyber crime?  

Is your IT roadmap stuck in a ditch? 

Is tech downtime costing you in dollars and productivity? 

Does hiring Seattle IT support staff feel impossible?

We're here for you.

Why SWAT Systems?

Fighting IT fires is frustrating; you just want everything to work and your company to be protected. When you call for tech support you want to be heard right away. You’re looking for a proactive approach to IT, not hasty reactions. You’re tired of network admins spouting jargon you don’t understand. How did this all end up on your plate anyway?  

  • Expert help is just one call or message away
  • 95% customer retention
  • Over 100 satisfied customers
  • 98% or higher client satisfaction rate for 3 years

Our “All You Can Eat” Packages

At SWAT, we have a clear mindset: Our job is easier when your systems are fully operational, so we strive to solve problems once and do it right. No nickeling. No diming. With our all-you-can-eat plans, you pay one flat fee each month, no matter how often you reach out to us. Predictable IT costs. No long-term contracts. Learn about our Seattle IT support solutions.

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Think you can just go IT alone?

Thrashing around in the tech weeds when you’re supposed to be hitting your real goals doesn’t help your organization. Between downtime, unexpected costs and cyber threats, your lack of deep IT support could be costing you. And if you’re relying on a single staffer to keep up with new tech innovations, you could be missing out. Going IT alone can be a risky move.

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