7 Tech Gift Ideas for Better Cyber Security

Tech Gift Ideas for Better Cyber Security

If  you’re wondering what to give to your employees this holiday season, why not show how much you value cybersecurity with one of these tech gift ideas:

USB Data Blockers

These inexpensive devices are useful whenever data (computer, tablet, phone) “travels,” in a plane, train or to a friend’s house. Public charging stations, such as those at airports, are not secure (far from it!). Hackers can use those public charging stations to gain access to your data — phone numbers, contacts, texts, emails, photos … everything.

USB data blockers allow you to charge your device while blocking the part of the charging cable that transmits data. Most cost less than $10. They even come in colors. So do a little surfing by typing in “USB data blockers” into your URL and you will see many products.

USB Port Blocker

A USB Port Blocker performs the same function as the USB data blocker, but gets there in a different way — by physically blocking the data port. Some even use a physical key to lock and unlock it. Because of this, Port blockers not only protect your data, but also prevent someone from physically damaging the port.

There are models that don’t have keys and are just as protective…unless you have a curious youngster who wants to see what happens when a pointy object such as a  pencil is lodged in one of your ports. Keys are mandatory in those cases.

Portable Power Banks

Skip the need to plug into a public charging station at all by carrying a portable power bank! These devices range in price from $5 to over $100 depending on the number of times it can charge a device before needing a recharge and how many devices it can charge at once. Put your company logo on it for a branding boost!

Portable Security Locks

These protect your data by protecting your device. Locks keep someone from physically running away with your device by locking it down to a stationary object like a pole or a desk. Think of them like a bicycle lock for your computer. There is usually a four-digit locking code, which the user creates and can be reset. Portable security locks are typically less than $50.

Subscription to a Password Manager

There are many password managers online. Most are free with an option to subscribe to a “premium” version: Last Pass, 1Password, Dashlane to name a few. You could get your employees a year’s subscription to the “premium” version which often includes family members.  Then after the subscription runs out,  they can revert to the free version.

Physical (Hardware) Password Manager

You can’t always tell a book by its cover. These physical devices are the size of a flash drive and often look like a key fob. They securely encrypt and save all your passwords, rather than using a cloud password manager, committing them to memory or using an Excel file. The cost is about $50 and some also have multi-factor authentication. 

Choose carefully because some only work with specific platforms. Choose one that works with the platform you need and your access preference —  PIN number or fingerprint.

Weatherproof (& Cyberproof) Backpack

This is a great gift idea for people on the go — a waterproof backpack that is configured with a USB port and RFID anti-theft protected. Most are large enough to fit a laptop and some have extra room to function as an overnight bag. 

Your techie employees will appreciate that they can hold everything needed for work on the go, including a hardware password manager, a data blocker or two, a port blocker, a cable lock for the laptop and also a change of clothes.

So forget the food baskets and give them something that they not only need but will also show your commitment to cyber security.

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