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Business Security Physical Security

After the Break In: 5 Top Security Tips from Our CEO

By Jason Hagens / May 13, 2021

As a managed service provider, we’re always educating our clients about cyber security risks and best prevention practices, including backup and disaster recovery. But we’re switching gears to share some insights on physical security that came together after a recent office break-in.  Physical security is more important than ever for businesses as state laws change…

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Long Term Remote Work, Hybrid Workplace

Managing the New Hybrid Workplace: Long-Term Remote Work Must Haves for Your Business

By Jason Hagens / April 22, 2021

Working from home (WFH)  became the norm this last year for many businesses and many companies will not go back to the pre-COVID workplace. Instead, a new hybrid workplace will become the norm, with some employees in the office, others working remotely and still others doing a mix of both.  However the new “office” environment …

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Managed IT Services Pricing

Let’s Talk About the Elephant in the Room: Managed IT Services Pricing

By Jason Hagens / March 25, 2021

Yes, we know. Before you even consider a managed service provider (MSP) you want to know how much it’s going to cost. We’ll tell you as simply as we can, but also realize it’s not like investing your money in a cell phone plan or buying a car. Don’t let the sticker price scare you…

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Ransomware Attack Response

What to do When Hit with a Ransomware Attack: Get The Checklist

By Jason Hagens / December 31, 2020

As a managed IT and cyber security provider, SWAT Systems regularly trains teams in what to do during a ransomware attack and, just as importantly, how to prevent them. Ransomware is just what it’s name implies: the criminal will demand payment and may also threaten to corrupt all your data/publish it, block it or use some…

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Office "Closed" But Services Always Open

Office “Closed” But Services Always Open

By Jason Hagens / December 14, 2020

Our office will be closed on Friday, December 25th and Friday, January 1st in observance of the holidays. All of us at SWAT Systems are wishing you and your computer networks a very happy and safe holiday season. After-hours and emergency support will still be available to those that need it. Rest assured, we will…

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Tech Gift Ideas for Better Cyber Security

7 Tech Gift Ideas for Better Cyber Security

By Jason Hagens / December 7, 2020

If  you’re wondering what to give to your employees this holiday season, why not show how much you value cybersecurity with one of these tech gift ideas: USB Data Blockers These inexpensive devices are useful whenever data (computer, tablet, phone) “travels,” in a plane, train or to a friend’s house. Public charging stations, such as…

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Co-Managed IT Support

Co-Managed IT Support: Is It The Best of Both Worlds?

By Jason Hagens / November 12, 2020

If you’re not comfortable with a total commitment to an MSP (managed service provider), you could consider a hybrid or co-managed approach. This is where MSPs do some of the work and you have  in-house IT staff do the rest. The co-managed/hybrid plan might be the best of both worlds for your business (kind of…

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15 Cybersecurity Questions Every Leader Should Ask

By Jason Hagens / October 15, 2020

As a business leader, you’re used to taking charge, making decisions and guiding actions. Asking the right cybersecurity questions is hard when the issues are so complex, technical and ever changing. Don’t let that stop you from taking steps to protect your business. The right IT managed service provider (MSP) can take a lot of…

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Cybersecurity Guide For Business Leaders

The (Non-Boring) Post COVID-19 Cybersecurity Guide For Business Leaders

By Jason Hagens / August 27, 2020

Are you an ostrich? Many business leaders are when it comes to cybersecurity — standing upright but with your head in the sand. You think “I’m just a small business, who would want to bother with me?” But the fact is that small businesses are always a target, and even more so since COVID-19. As…

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SIM Swapping Cyber Security Tip

Suddenly unable to place calls or texts? Cyber Security Tip: Watch Out For SIM Swapping

By Jason Hagens / August 20, 2020

When people think of SIM swapping, they may imagine a Mission Impossible scenario where a thief swaps out the physical SIM card on your phone. But the fact is that SIM swapping is much easier than that for data thieves — and they never need to make contact with you at all. Get the facts…

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