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What Are the Benefits of IT Service Management?

benefits of it service management

What Are the Benefits of IT Service Management?

There are numerous benefits of using IT service management: We’ve narrowed it down to our top seven:

  1. Reduced IT costs (scoping out redundant or obsolete assets)
  2. Reduced risk factors
  3. Reduced downtime when data breaches happen
  4. Adaptation to your specific needs
  5. Enablement of teams to share knowledge
  6. Improved efficiency, customer satisfaction and service
  7. Active breach prevention and strategizing for cybercriminal attacks as well as natural disaster mitigation

An ITSM doesn’t just offer tech support via a help desk or a service desk. Those support services are included as a part of the service, but an ITSM’s role is much broader than that.

The terms “service desk” or “help desk” are defined differently across businesses and industries, blurring what the phrase actually means. With an ITSM, it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is call or submit a “ticket” and the issue will be resolved.

An ITSM handles all service requests whether they are an incident that affects the system (my computer is down), a recurring problem (this application is stuck again), a change to the system (I need to add, remove or modify the database) or even requests for a new piece of equipment (I need a new computer).

The bottom line is this: Whatever IT issue you may have, an ITSM has the answer.

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