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Cyber Security Testing

Types of Cyber Security Testing (and Which Ones You Really Need)

Cybercrime is an epidemic of huge proportions. 2020 saw an increase of 600 percent in cybercrime and 2021 estimates show ransomware attacks cost companies more than $6 trillion! Along with this came a rise in cyber security testing services and promotions. But do you really need all those services? Which type of testing should you…

Microsoft 365 Defender

Microsoft 365 Defender Settings Boost Cyber Security

Want to put an end to phishing attacks? Get Microsoft 365 Defender. It can and will dramatically mitigate this risk with several of its features. Phishing attacks are the most common cause of  cyber security breach. They not only cost you money, they expose sensitive data and are therefore a severe threat to your business.…

Business Continuity Plan 8 Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Business Continuity Plan Mistakes to Avoid

Have you had a setback of some sort recently? Been hacked? Flooded? Was your Seattle business able to continue its operations? The businesses that have a business continuity plan (BCP) do. It takes a well-thought-out BCP, including managed backups,  to survive these kinds of disasters. In developing your strategy, it’s important to avoid common mistakes. Mistake…

Ransomware Response Checklist 2022 SWAT

What to do When Hit with a Ransomware Attack: Get The Checklist

As a managed IT and cyber security provider, SWAT Systems regularly trains teams in what to do during a ransomware attack and, just as importantly, how to prevent them. Ransomware is just what it’s name implies: the criminal will demand payment and may also threaten to corrupt all your data/publish it, block it or use some…

Month to Month IT Contracts

Declare Independence From Your MSP: Demand Month-to-Month IT Contracts

If your managed service provider is one of the many who require you to sign a long-term contract, it’s time to declare your independence. Know that there are better options for your business, including MSPs that proudly earn your business each and every day and offer month-to-month IT contracts.  At SWAT Systems, a Seattle company,…

Choose IT Support Checklist MSP

Find IT Support for Business with our Managed IT Checklist

These days with so many IT issues changing constantly, finding the best managed IT support for your business can feel mind-blowing. Which to choose, how to choose it, what do you need to ask? That’s why we created a one-page checklist to help you gather the information to find IT support for business. Are you…