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Microsoft Teams Together Mode

Helping Teams Feel More “Together” with Microsoft Teams Together Mode

As a SWAT Systems Total Care client, we help businesses make the most of their communication tools and platforms, including Microsoft Teams. COVID-19 health concerns have upended the traditional idea of a “workplace.” Businesses are learning that it is not absolutely necessary to have every employee of every department be at a physical desk in…

Co-Managed IT Support

Co-Managed IT Support: Is It The Best of Both Worlds?

If you’re not comfortable with a total commitment to an MSP (managed service provider), you could consider a hybrid or co-managed approach. This is where MSPs do some of the work and you have  in-house IT staff do the rest. The co-managed/hybrid plan might be the best of both worlds for your business (kind of…

IT Support For Small Business

IT Support for Small Business: Is it Time for a Managed Service Provider?

As a small business owner, it can be challenging to know when the time is right in your company’s growth to bring in expert services, like IT support. But there’s really no need to wait. There are MSPs that serve all sizes of business and the right managed service provider can even help your business…

Business IT Infrastructure Tax Benefits, Section 179

Timely Tax Benefits For Your Business IT Infrastructure (Section 179)

Helping businesses understand and take advantage of opportunities like Section 179 is part of the TotalCare SWAT Systems clients receive. It is one of the ways we work with our clients to help their entire business in addition to supporting IT needs. Now is the perfect time to consider purchasing hosted phone systems, IT hardware…


15 Cybersecurity Questions Every Leader Should Ask

As a business leader, you’re used to taking charge, making decisions and guiding actions. Asking the right cybersecurity questions is hard when the issues are so complex, technical and ever changing. Don’t let that stop you from taking steps to protect your business. The right IT managed service provider (MSP) can take a lot of…

Hidden Costs of In-House IT

5 Hidden Costs of In-House IT

What are your in-house IT services really costing you? It’s not just your employee’s salaries, or even their salaries plus benefits. There are a host of other, hidden costs, that you need to take into account as you consider outsourcing for some or all of your IT needs. Here are five hidden costs of an…