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Multifactor Authentication and Cyber Security Insurance

No Multifactor Authentication? No Cyber Security (Insurance)!

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is one of the single most impactful changes you can make to improve your cyber security. Here at SWAT, we firmly believe that. But some businesses are reluctant to take that step. Here is another compelling reason to make the change to MFA for your organization:  cyber security insurance.  Some insurance companies…

IT Terminology Explained

Talk Like a CIO: Demystifying IT Tech Jargon

As a managed service provider (MSP) that focuses on making IT easy, SWAT Systems will never ask clients to know all these terms. Still, you may run across them when interviewing vendors, hiring internal IT staff or simply reading the news. So we offer this guide to demystify the latest and most used IT jargon.…

Google Workplace vs Microsoft 365

Google Workplace or Microsoft 365?

Which software program, Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Microsoft Office 365) or Google Workplace (formerly known as Google Suite or G Suite), is the best choice for your business? The only accurate answer is that it depends on what is most important to you for your business:  Do you want to sort your email by categories…

Moving to Microsoft Teams

Moving to Microsoft Teams: Is It Time?

It’s never easy to move away from something familiar, even if it is a tool that isn’t working for your business. Or maybe the tool is performing, just not as well as it could be. So how do you know that the time is right to make a move to Microsoft Teams? As a managed…

Kaseya VSA Breach

What Happened in the Kaseya Breach?

Kaseya VSA is an RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) product used by managed service providers worldwide.  Hackers were able to exploit a vulnerability and infect thousands of machines around the world with ransomware. The effect of the breach, which began July 2, is not fully known but it is estimated to have impacted 50-60 Managed…

cyber security breach reporting

3 Key Factors in Cyber Security Breach Reporting

The Seattle Times recently highlighted just how confusing it can be for companies trying to report a cyber security breach. As a managed service provider, we like to share the three key factors in cyber security breach reporting. 1. Location Start with the type of data impacted and the location of those impacted. You need…