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Why We Do Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

Why We Do Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

A QBR is a quarterly business review. That term may be used a lot of ways by different businesses and industries, but here’s what it means for current (and future) SWAT Systems IT services clients. Just like the name sounds, a QBR is a time set aside for the SWAT team to sit down with…

Managed Services vs Traditional IT Outsourcing

Managed Services vs. Traditional IT Outsourcing: What’s the Difference?

The difference between traditional IT outsourcing and the type of managed services that managed service providers (MSPs) such as SWAT provide is similar to the difference between hiring a babysitter for the night vs. a full-time live-in nanny. Both deliver outsourcing, but one delivers it for specific events and times and the other (MSPs) are…

Multi factor authentication

The CEO’s Guide to MFA: Understanding Multi Factor Authentication

Multi factor authentication (MFA) is the number one thing you can do to improve the cyber security of your business. That’s not an exaggeration. Microsoft has said that MFA can prevent 99.99 percent of attacks. So, why is it that so many businesses have yet to implement multi factor authentication?  As a CEO myself, I…

azure virtual desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) vs Windows 365 Cloud PC: Which Is Right for Your Business?

With the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 365 Cloud PC, businesses are wondering which DaaS virtual desktop option to choose: CloudPC Business, Cloud PC Enterprise or Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). We break down the options and share the advice we give our IT services clients. All three options have the same cloud infrastructure under the hood.…

Microsoft 365 Pricing Increase

Microsoft 365 Pricing to Increase, Other IT Costs on the Rise

Microsoft recently announced that its Office 365 pricing will increase on March 1, 2022. This will be the first Microsoft 365 pricing increase since the product launched as Office 365 in 2011. Microsoft is not alone, IT costs on the whole have been increasing. With hardware shortages and cyber security risks on the rise, companies…

virtual desktop, cloudPC, desktop as a service, DaaS

Understanding Virtual Desktops, Cloud PC and Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

As a managed service provider (MSP), part of our role is to help clients make sense of new technology and whether it is right for their business. The big topic lately has been virtual desktops. Here is what you need to know. With the remote work trend becoming the new norm and computer components running…