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Phishing Prevention Tips

Need Phishing Prevention Tips? Download our 2021 Cheat Sheet

Email is one of today’s most commonly used communication tools in the workplace and beyond. With such easy access to your computer from your innocent inbox, cyber security is of great importance. That’s why its so important to stay up to date on the latest phishing prevention tips. How can you find a phishing email?…

Missing Cloud Data Cloud Glitch

Missing Cloud Data “Glitch”: What You Need to Know

As a managed service provider, we recommend to anyone who asks, that they use cloud services. But there is so much more to it than just putting your files into a cloud system. That system has to be configured correctly for your business and backed up. Too often this important step gets ignored by businesses,…

Microsoft Cloud Industry Based Clouds

Microsoft Adds 3 New Industry-Based Clouds (and an AI Upgrade)

If you haven’t made a move to the cloud yet, what are you waiting for? As a managed service provider, SWAT Systems recommends cloud-based solutions for all our clients as being both more versatile and more secure than dedicated servers in an office or data center. And the options just keep getting better. Check out…

Business Security Physical Security

After the Break In: 5 Top Security Tips from Our CEO

As a managed service provider, we’re always educating our clients about cyber security risks and best prevention practices, including backup and disaster recovery. But we’re switching gears to share some insights on physical security that came together after a recent office break-in.  Physical security is more important than ever for businesses as state laws change…

CEO Tips for hybrid work back to work

Back to Work? Tech CEOs Offer Top Tips for Surviving and Thriving in the Hybrid Work Environment

As COVID vaccinations roll out from the Northwest to the Southeast, the return to work is just around the corner. But what exactly will that transition look like?  Our CEO Jason Hagens talked with four leading technology CEOs of IT services and MSP firms in different regions for tips about what to do to prepare for…

Manufacturing Cyber Security

Manufacturing Cyber Security Risks (& How to Protect Your Company)

In manufacturing, cyber security is absolutely essential. You have more risks than other companies and those risks are to people in addition to profits. A cyber threat to your product is likely to impact not just product safety but also the safety of individuals who are working to produce your product. Often a single device…