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Solarwinds Cyber Attack

SolarWinds Cyber Attack: 2021 Implications For Your Business

The SolarWinds Orion Cyber Attack in December successfully infiltrated more than 250 networks including private companies and government agencies with a trojanized Orion update. The attack was discovered by FireEye, a cyber security company, as it was honing its own security systems.  What Exactly Is Orion?  SolarWinds Orion is a platform building product that is…

Microsoft MFA Warning

The Microsoft MFA Warning: What It Means for Multi-Factor Authentication

The Microsoft MFA warning issued recently was accurate and necessary, but it also left people a bit confused about multi-factor authentication. Here’s the bottom line, from our cyber security experts. When you log in to an account, you need to prove that you are you. Signing in with a username and password shows this because…

Managed IT Support

What Does Managed IT Support Include?

As a managed service provider offering managed IT support and cyber security to Seattle area businesses, we get this question a lot. The fact is that there  is not one set of services used across all MSPs. Each managed service provider creates its own packages. Some offer the same fixed services for everyone, while others,…


Your First Cyber Security Move in 2021? Start With Backups

What many businesses don’t realize is that their best defense against disruption from ransomware and other cyber attacks is data backup and recovery. There were thousands of ransomware attacks in 2020. Businesses that worked with a managed service provider (MSP) such as SWAT Systems recovered their data for less money and fewer headaches than paying…

Ransomware Attack Response

What to do When Hit with a Ransomware Attack: Get The Checklist

As a managed IT and cyber security provider, SWAT Systems regularly trains teams in what to do during a ransomware attack and, just as importantly, how to prevent them. Ransomware is just what it’s name implies: pay us or we will corrupt all your data/publish it, block it or use some other catastrophic measure to make…

Phishing Prevention Cheat Sheet

DO and DON’T and NEVER: Phishing Prevention Cheat Sheet

As a TotalCare client, part of your managed IT services is ongoing cyber security training for your employees. Here we’re sharing a few dos and don’ts that will keep you and your team from falling for most phishing attacks. People are your businesses top assets — and your biggest security risk. That’s because cyber criminals…