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SIM Swapping Cyber Security Tip

Suddenly unable to place calls or texts? Cyber Security Tip: Watch Out For SIM Swapping

By Jason Hagens | August 20, 2020

When people think of SIM swapping, they may imagine a Mission Impossible scenario where a thief swaps out the physical SIM card on your phone. But the fact is that SIM swapping is much easier than that for data thieves — and they never need to make contact with you at all. Get the facts…

Disaster Recovery and Backup Questions

Disaster Recovery Tip: 9 Critical Backup Questions You Need to Know for Your Business

By David Blake | August 13, 2020

When it comes to data backup and disaster recovery, there are nine critical questions you need to answer for your business. How you answer these questions will lay the foundation for your disaster recovery plan. 1. What data do you need to backup? Back up anything and everything you don’t want to lose. Start by…

Email Security Guide: Prevent Phishing

Email Security Guide: How To Prevent Phishing In The Era Of Digital Communication

By David Blake | August 6, 2020

Email is the lifeblood of many businesses — and its biggest security risk. That’s because scammers have become experts at gaining access to your business data with emails that trick people into taking actions that open the door. Your best defense? Educating your team on how to spot their tactics and not fall into the…

Switching Managed IT Service Providers

Switching Managed IT Service Providers? A Guide For Business Owners and IT Professionals

By Jason Hagens | July 28, 2020

Switching IT service providers can be a daunting task. Like most projects, taking it one step at a time will make the process easier.  Who to Contact It’s good practice to be a little picky in who you reach out to with your checklist. Remember that there is no governing body or requirement to call…

connectBooster Demos

Speed Up Your Cash Flow and Save Time With Technology

By David Blake | July 16, 2020

How would you like to speed up your cash flow, get paid faster AND be more secure while reducing the labor you spend on collecting payments? We have an exciting new SaaS offering that helps service-based businesses eliminate A/R headaches and elevate their professional image with ConnectBooster. Here at SWAT Systems, we have used this…

Disaster Recovery RTO RPO

Disaster Recovery Tip: Know Your RTO and RPO (Recovery Time/Point Objectives)

By David Blake | July 8, 2020

Do you know your RTOs and RPOs? According to a recent article in Small Business Trends, as many as one in six executives don’t. What is RTO? A recovery time objective (RTO) is the amount of time it takes for a business to become operational after an event starting from the moment the recovery process…

Cyber Security Phishing Attacks

Cyber Security Tip: Warn Your Team About These 5 Common Phishing Attacks

By Jason Hagens | July 2, 2020

IT professionals spend their time (and the company’s money) creating the most secure environment possible for businesses to do business. But there is one key component of cyber security that often gets overlooked — people. That means all the people who interact with your company’s technology from employees to clients to visitors using your WiFi.…

Microsoft Teams Deep Dive Webinar July 16

Microsoft Teams Deep Dive Webinar July 16

By David Blake | June 30, 2020

SWAT Systems will continue our Microsoft Teams Webinar Series with a Microsoft Teams Deep Dive on July 16 at noon. The virtual lunch and learn will drill into some of the ins and outs of Microsoft Teams and best practices. Not familiar with MS Teams? Check out the basic overview webinar presented recently.   To…

Office Closed Jul 3 2020

SWAT Systems Office Closed July 3

By Jason Hagens | June 29, 2020

Our office will be closed on Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day.  All of us at SWAT Systems are wishing you and your computer networks a very happy and safe fourth of July. After-hours and emergency support will still be available to those that need it. Rest assured, we will be ready on…