Case Study: Paladino and Company

Professional Services Company Leverages SWAT Systems’ Consulting and Managed IT Services

Niche company overcomes IT challenges for 15+ years with SWAT Systems


As with every lean and nimble consulting firm, Paladino and Company was experiencing pain points in technology. Needing to increase employee productivity and collaboration, Paladino sought a solution through upgrading servers, workstations and software. They found that their technology and data demanded higher reliability and redundancy thresholds for compliance purposes. With successful malware attacks and data theft on the rise, security was also a concern. Paladino’s operations required higher-level consulting, specifically in systems and networking.

With 15+ years as Paladino's technology partner, SWAT Systems has helped them overcome a variety of challenges. This included the unexpected departure of their internal IT manager. Without an internal IT team, managing their technology fell to the finance team. Rather than churn through finding, hiring and training a new IT manager on their complex server, database and systems network, Paladino turned to SWAT Systems to become their fully outsourced IT partner.

Paladino and Company is a sustainability and green building consulting firm that aligns sustainability strategies to measurable business value. This is achieved through rigorous analysis and abundance thinking as a driving force for change. They help architects, developers and building owners use sustainability and green building as a business tool.

In addition to their consulting and program strategy services, they contribute to improving the design and operations of their clients’ buildings to minimize costs, increase profitability and enhance employee satisfaction. With more than 2,000 green projects internationally, Paladino serves in various industries including commercial real estate, higher education, hospitality, industrial, multifamily and mixed-use.


With an experienced team of system administrators, project engineers, senior consultants and account managers, SWAT was able to provide Paladino’s internal IT team with guidance and consulting services. Over time, Paladino expanded their relationship with SWAT by establishing a hybrid support structure for their employees' day-to-day IT issues.

When Paladino’s IT manager announced he was transferring to another company, the leadership team turned to SWAT Systems, who quickly pulled all of Paladino’s technology support, projects and consulting needs under SWAT’s management. SWAT's specialized teams, equipped with a state-of-the-art system for tracking issues, projects and assets, provided the redundancy and support that was essential to Paladino’s staff and leadership team.


    Initially, SWAT supplemented Paladino’s IT staff with remote support and guidance. Over time, complete IT management is transitioned to SWAT.


    SWAT senior engineers and account managers assist Paladino with financial and technical forecasting during Paladino’s annual budget preparation.


    Utilizing Microsoft’s Azure platform, several servers are deployed in the cloud, increasing accessibility and redundancy.


    Targeting compliance standards, SWAT successfully overhauls data backups to meet encryption, recovery point and recovery time objectives.


    SWAT migrates email to Office 365 to support growing employee count. This provides Paladino with reliability, redundancy and faster accessibility.


With high-level consulting and project planning from SWAT, Paladino successfully completed several major infrastructure upgrades. Email was migrated to the enterprise-friendly Office 365 platform, while critical services were deployed to Microsoft’s Azure platform in a hybrid configuration. Their proven redundancy, scalability and accessibility allowed Paladino to invest in technology that was future-proof. Paladino was able to leverage SWAT’s nationwide network of contacts when their Washington, D.C., office required a technology overhaul. SWAT also completed a complex overhaul of Paladino’s data backups, meeting encryption, recovery point and recovery time objectives and compliance standards.

After a smooth transition from supplemental IT support to a fully managed solution, all of Paladino's IT needs are now routed to SWAT’s Managed Operations Center.

Today, Paladino enjoys white-glove service, high-level consulting and flat-rate IT support.

SWAT has been Paladino’s trusted technology partner for over 15 years. They leverage a deep bench of technical expertise to provide user support that is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. With an acute focus on cyber security and resiliency they’ve helped build out the systems network infrastructure across all our offices. From password resets to visionary strategy SWAT is the Swiss army knife of IT support.

—Paul Paladino, CFO

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