Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Plan 8 Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Business Continuity Plan Mistakes to Avoid

By David Blake / July 14, 2022

Have you had a setback of some sort recently? Been hacked? Flooded? Was your Seattle business able to continue its operations? The businesses that have a business continuity plan (BCP) do. It takes a well-thought-out BCP, including managed backups,  to survive these kinds of disasters. In developing your strategy, it’s important to avoid common mistakes. Mistake…

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RAAS Turns Anyone Into A "Hacker"

RaaS (Ransomware as a Service): The “Easy Button” for Ransomware

By Josh Ihler / May 12, 2022

People tend to think of cyber criminals as hackers with deep knowledge and no social skills — the “guy in a black hoodie in the basement” stereotype. This bears little resemblance to modern cyber criminals. Today, people can buy ready-made programs that do the heavy lifting for them, no hacking skills needed. It’s called ransomware…

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Missing Cloud Data Cloud Glitch

Missing Cloud Data “Glitch”: What You Need to Know

By David Blake / June 3, 2021

As a managed service provider, we recommend to anyone who asks, that they use cloud services. But there is so much more to it than just putting your files into a cloud system. That system has to be configured correctly for your business and backed up. Too often this important step gets ignored by businesses,…

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Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

How to Set Recovery Time Objectives to Fit Your Business Goals

By The SWAT Bot / April 8, 2021

Know what to do if you have a breach? If your data is compromised, how long will it take to get it back online? Four to eight hours? More than a day? Catastrophically long? Every business is different so there is truly no one answer for all. It depends on your type of business and…

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Microsoft exchange hack

Hack Puts Microsoft Exchange Servers at Risk: How To Protect Your Business

By David Blake / March 5, 2021

Do you use Microsoft Exchange Server? If it’s an on-premises server YOU ARE AT RISK! Microsoft announced the security vulnerability March 2, 2021 and companies in this situation need to immediately download patches and check for IOC’s (Indicators of Compromise). Since that announcement, the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued Emergency Directive 21-02 requiring…

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Your First Cyber Security Move in 2021? Start With Backups

By David Blake / January 7, 2021

What many businesses don’t realize is that their best defense against disruption from ransomware and other cyber attacks is data backup and recovery. There were thousands of ransomware attacks in 2020. Businesses that worked with a managed service provider (MSP) such as SWAT Systems recovered their data for less money and fewer headaches than paying…

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Endpoint vs Shared Data Backups

Endpoint vs Shared System Data Backup Options For Disaster Recovery

By David Blake / September 24, 2020

When it comes to IT subjects, few are quite as dry as data backups — and even fewer are as important. So we’ll make it as easy (and interesting) as possible to understand the different backup options (endpoint backup and shared backup) and how to choose the right one for your business. Anyone who has…

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Disaster Recovery and Backup Questions

Disaster Recovery Tip: 9 Critical Backup Questions You Need to Know for Your Business

By David Blake / August 13, 2020

When it comes to data backup and disaster recovery, there are nine critical questions you need to answer for your business. How you answer these questions will lay the foundation for your disaster recovery plan. 1. What data do you need to backup? Back up anything and everything you don’t want to lose. Start by…

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Disaster Recovery RTO RPO

Disaster Recovery Tip: Know Your RTO and RPO (Recovery Time/Point Objectives)

By David Blake / July 8, 2020

Do you know your RTOs and RPOs? According to a recent article in Small Business Trends, as many as one in six executives don’t. Know your disaster recovery time. What is RTO? A recovery time objective (RTO) is the amount of time it takes for a business to become operational after an event starting from…

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