Microsoft Teams

Managed Microsoft 365

9 Benefits of Managed Microsoft 365

By David Blake / April 21, 2022

Microsoft 365 is a great tool for many businesses. But managed Microsoft 365 is even better. The managed part refers to having a managed service provider (MSP) partner with you to correctly configure your Microsoft 365 and more. Here are nine benefits to consider: 1. Visibility Across All Microsoft 365 Applications We all know what…

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azure virtual desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) vs Windows 365 Cloud PC: Which Is Right for Your Business?

By David Blake / October 21, 2021

With the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 365 Cloud PC, businesses are wondering which DaaS virtual desktop option to choose: CloudPC Business, Cloud PC Enterprise or Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). We break down the options and share the advice we give our IT services clients. All three options have the same cloud infrastructure under the hood.…

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Microsoft 365 Pricing Increase

Microsoft 365 Pricing to Increase, Other IT Costs on the Rise

By The SWAT Bot / October 7, 2021

Microsoft recently announced that its Office 365 pricing will increase on March 1, 2022. This will be the first Microsoft 365 pricing increase since the product launched as Office 365 in 2011. Microsoft is not alone, IT costs on the whole have been increasing. With hardware shortages and cyber security risks on the rise, companies…

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Google Workplace vs Microsoft 365

Google Workplace or Microsoft 365?

By David Blake / August 12, 2021

Which software program, Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Microsoft Office 365) or Google Workplace (formerly known as Google Suite or G Suite), is the best choice for your business? The only accurate answer is that it depends on what is most important to you for your business:  Do you want to sort your email by categories…

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Moving to Microsoft Teams

Moving to Microsoft Teams: Is It Time?

By The SWAT Bot / July 22, 2021

It’s never easy to move away from something familiar, even if it is a tool that isn’t working for your business. Or maybe the tool is performing, just not as well as it could be. So how do you know that the time is right to make a move to Microsoft Teams? As a managed…

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Microsoft teams new features

Microsoft Teams New Features

By David Blake / March 4, 2021

As expected,  Microsoft has added a lot of new features to enhance your Microsoft Teams experience. Some are quite useful and others interesting to consider for the future. Here’s a not-so-brief list. New Microsoft Teams Apps The newest features to Teams are Bulletins and Milestones apps. These are simple configuration options within Teams. The Bulletins…

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Microsoft Teams Together Mode

Helping Teams Feel More “Together” with Microsoft Teams Together Mode

By David Blake / November 19, 2020

As a SWAT Systems Total Care client, we help businesses make the most of their communication tools and platforms, including Microsoft Teams. COVID-19 health concerns have upended the traditional idea of a “workplace.” Businesses are learning that it is not absolutely necessary to have every employee of every department be at a physical desk in…

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