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Cloud Security - 365 Shared Responsibility Model

Cloud Security Is On You: The Microsoft 365 Shared Responsibility Model

By The SWAT Bot / September 22, 2022

More and more businesses are using cloud services like Microsoft 365 (MS 365). But many don’t realize that the burden of securing their cloud is on their shoulders. It’s called the shared responsibility model. Here is what it means for your business, along with a free checklist you can download to improve your cloud security.…

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SWAT acquisition August 2022

SWAT Systems Acquired by Convergence Networks

By Jason Hagens / August 16, 2022

-Announcement reposted from Riverside Partners– Boston, August 16, 2022 – Riverside Partners, a private equity investment firm, announced today that its portfolio company, Convergence Networks, has acquired SWAT Systems. Based in Seattle, SWAT Systems is a leading provider of managed IT, cybersecurity and communication services for organizations across numerous markets. The SWAT Systems team, led…

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Cyber Security Testing

Types of Cyber Security Testing (and Which Ones You Really Need)

By Josh Ihler / August 4, 2022

Cybercrime is an epidemic of huge proportions. 2020 saw an increase of 600 percent in cybercrime and 2021 estimates show ransomware attacks cost companies more than $6 trillion! Along with this came a rise in cyber security testing services and promotions. But do you really need all those services? Which type of testing should you…

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Company Servers Mining Crypto

Cyber Trend Alert: Are Your Servers Mining Crypto?

By Josh Ihler / April 7, 2022

As a business leader, you probably had at least glancing worries about an employee doing personal work on business time, or lifting supplies from your stockroom. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the latest trend: company servers mining crypto.  Crypto currency has had a long association with cyber crime because it is the…

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Business Cyber Security Essentials Checklist Download

Are Your Business Cyber Security Essentials Covered? Get the Checklist

By The SWAT Bot / March 24, 2022

When it comes to stealing your data, there is no end to the creativity of cyber criminals. From exploiting a new vulnerability like Log4j to breaching cyber security vendors like Kaseya, cyber crime has a significant impact on businesses of all sizes. That’s why covering your business cyber security essentials is so important.  According to…

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Cyber Security Insurance

Does Your Cyber Security Insurance Cover These 9 Areas? Not All of them Do.

By Josh Ihler / March 17, 2022

You know by now that even though you might be a small or medium-sized business,  you need cyber insurance to cover any breaches to your data. Cyber criminals don’t really care how big or small you are. They just want to “break in,” cause havoc and get some monetary rewards for doing so. Cyber insurance…

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Hiring IT Staff in Seattle Tips

Hiring IT Staff in Seattle: 3 Tips

By Jason Hagens / March 10, 2022

Hiring IT staff in the Seattle area has never been more challenging. Qualified applicants are hard to find and expensive to retain. You are not alone if you are frustrated with trying to hire IT staff for these essential positions. According to a Wall Street Journal article, applicants who are adept at cloud migration and…

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Ransomware Attacks from Russia

FBI Warns of Potential Ransomware Attacks From Russia

By Jason Hagens / March 1, 2022

The news that Russia has invaded Ukraine is evidence that we live in a vulnerable and sometimes dangerous place. In response to the attack, US President Joe Biden announced new sanctions on Russia. Shortly thereafter the FBI warned of additional potential ransomware attacks from Russia. “Russia is a ‘permissive operating environment’ for cybercriminals, one that…

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Cloud Migration Mistakes to Avoid

Cloud Migration Fails: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

By The SWAT Bot / February 17, 2022

Migrating to the cloud by both large and small companies is an absolute must and the move should be done sooner than later. That being said, caution is advised. As an IT services provider, we see (and often need to clean up) the mess that can be made when cloud migration isn’t properly planned and…

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Expectations for a responsive managed IT

Need a Truly Responsive Managed IT Service Provider? What to Look For

By Bobby Stoddard / February 10, 2022

A responsive IT service provider will always know what kind of response is needed and when. It means you can count on them to act in a timely manner on issues according to the level of threat those issues represent. Here at SWAT, we have a set of guidelines for specific priorities that’s clearly stated…

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