Cyber Security for Working at Home

Cyber security for Working from home

With the new normal of vacated offices and students at home taking classes online, SWAT Systems is offering tips for cyber security for working at home. Whether you’re following precautions for the corona virus or just fighting the common cold, you can still be productive and safe. Follow these tech tips and stay healthy out there.

Plug in Securely

Sending staff out to work away from the office can create security risks for your business. Using a VPN is one method of handling cybersecurity for working at home, but VPNs often lack multi-factor authentication (MFA). If your staff will log on with a VPN, you should act now to set up MFA to protect your company’s valuable assets and data. 

Providing staff with company-issued laptops can help with cyber security for working at home. Having remote employees logging in on their kids’ PC or other insecure computer can be risky.

Collaborate at a Safe Distance

Your employees can still work together even if they’re separated for a few weeks. Platforms like Office 365 are designed to connect colleagues no matter where they’re located. Using Teams and SharePoint is an effective way to keep in touch and keep moving work forward through tough situations. 

The Office 365 suite also offers easy access to email in Outlook and files in OneDrive. SWAT Systems can ensure that Seattle area companies are set up for success with these applications. 

Of course, conference calling is a critical part of remote work. To help you hear and have others hear you clearly, choose a headset or headphone. Either is a big improvement over the microphone on your laptop. 

Create a Policy

During stressful times, it’s reassuring to have clear policies to follow. If your company doesn’t already have remote work procedures in place, now is a good time to create them. Getting everyone on track with best practices can help extend the security umbrella that covers your physical office out into workers’ homes.

Cyber Security for Working at Home Help

Right now, being safe rather than sorry is everyone’s mantra. To keep companies well-protected, SWAT Systems is offering free consultations to Seattle area businesses facing remote work scenarios. As part of the consultation, a SWAT expert will outline best practices and assess each company’s current cyber security in terms of off-site employees.

The Work-from-Home Hotline is open at (206) 217-0130.

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