Helping Teams Feel More “Together” with Microsoft Teams Together Mode

Microsoft Teams Together Mode

As a SWAT Systems Total Care client, we help businesses make the most of their communication tools and platforms, including Microsoft Teams.

COVID-19 health concerns have upended the traditional idea of a “workplace.” Businesses are learning that it is not absolutely necessary to have every employee of every department be at a physical desk in a physical building 9 to 5. They can work from their home full time or part time and still be able to see, hear and share work information with their colleagues. They are doing it with technology; and that technology is improving. One example is the new Microsoft Teams Together mode.

Microsoft Teams Together Mode

Together mode is not like Zoom or Google Meet. It is a dynamic, interactive meeting place where ideas are exchanged and attendees share their expertise in a digital environment that really feels like everyone is sitting in the same room.

The most visible difference can be seen immediately, such as in this recent SWAT Systems team meeting:

No backgrounds—which  has the handy effect of no unexpected cameos from our cats, dogs, spouses or kids (although we might miss those a little). 

It is accomplished through AI technology that positions the upper bodies of meeting participants in a shared background. This one we like to call Roll Call. It’s great for large team meetings. But check out this more intimate gathering:

New Features Coming To Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is planning a variety of background options and custom layouts. The idea is to enhance the feeling that we are all together and can see and hear each other’s reactions, including body language and nonverbal cues.

Other Teams features that Microsoft is rolling out include:

  • Live captions with speaker attributions
  • Post meeting transcripts with speaker attributions
  • Emojis, chat bubbles and other live reactions
  • Dynamic view with a large gallery and virtual breakout rooms
  • Video filters to adjust for lighting and focus
  • Whiteboard updates
  • Powerpoint LIVE presentations
  • And more (Check out the full list of upcoming features.)

Need help making the most of your company’s Microsoft Teams use? Contact us or book an appointment to learn about managed IT services with SWAT Systems.

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