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Zero Trust Security Services & Application Safeguarding

Keeping you protected from known and unknown malware

Only allows known good applications

Minimally invasive

This Zero Trust security approach not only stops malicious software, but it also stops other unpermitted applications from getting downloaded.

Unlike antivirus, SWAT’s Zero Trust allows you to define what software, scripts, executables and libraries can run on your company’s endpoints and servers.

  • Default deny application approach to deny anything not pre-approved by your company
  • Full granular audit of every piece of software on your endpoints and servers
  • Control how applications integrate together
  • Thirty-second, single-click approval
  • Automatically add new hashes when application and system updates are released

Looking For Business IT Support? Our Checklist Can Help.

If you are confused about IT providers or just not sure where to start, our Manager Service Provider Checklist can help. Before you ever pick up the phone, you'll have everything you need to discuss with potential providers, including your:

  • Current IT status
  • Company's plans for growth
  • Compliance issues 
  • Backup and recovery systems
  • Cyber security
  • Expectations
  • And much, much more

Download the checklist to get started.

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