Find IT Support for Business with our Managed IT Checklist

IT Support For Business

These days with so many IT issues changing constantly, finding the best managed IT support for your business can feel mind-blowing. Which to choose, how to choose it, what do you need to ask? That’s why we created a one-page checklist to help you gather the information to find IT support for business.

Are you searching for an IT support provider for the first time? Maybe your current provider isn’t as attentive to your business as you want, often not even returning your calls.

If so, be prepared for your next IT provider search. Know the info they’ll ask about before they can assess your IT needs (and provide you a quote),

Our free one-page, easy-to-follow checklist will help by asking your these things:

  • What are your company’s stats (company size, number of devices, etc.) service needs, goals?
  • Does any of your business have IT compliance needs?
  • What about a data recovery, backup plan?  Have them? Know how much time it takes to recover from a breach and what the impact is to your business ?
  • Does your staff have and know the best tools and practices to avoid a breach? 

The answers to these questions will be at your fingertips after you download the checklist. You will be able to:

  • Complete the checklist by gathering information from staff and other stakeholders.
  • Provide that information to all potential IT support providers.
  • Compare all the quotes and conversations from all potential MSPs because they are receiving the same information.
  • Check the checklist again to ensure that all your needs match up to the quotes from potential MSPs. 

Asking the right questions will allow you to compare the different potential MSPs as you search for IT support for business. The checklist will cost you nothing so download it now.

As you are considering managed service providers, why not give us a call? Contact us or book an appointment for a free, no pressure consultation.

You May Get Hacked

Know What to Do with our Checklist

Whether you've been hit by ransomware or are just worried about a ransomware attack, this checklist can help. This one page checklist has simple instructions to help your team act fast and feel confident in how to respond. Print, post and prepare your team wo know what to do in a ransomware attack.

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