The Guide To MFA


What MFA is, how it protects you, and what the process involves.


Things you should know about MFA and steps to complete ahead of time.


On your activation date, follow these steps to complete your setup


Things to know after you complete your MFA setup, plus everyday tips

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Multi Factor Authentication MFA Tips Circle

Important MFA Tips + FYIs

Congratulations on having completed activating multifactor authentication on your Office 365! There are a couple of things you should know about now that MFA is active. Plus, a few tips to ensure you help keep your account secure.

Multi Factor Authentication MFA Tips Login

It’s really hard to tell if a program or web app does or doesn’t work with MFA. Always begin your login process using your regular email address and password.

Multifactor Authentication MFA Warning Circle

Do you keep getting the same error messages (e.g. try again, incorrect username/password, can’t connect)? This is a sign that your program or web app doesn’t work with MFA.

Multi Factor Authentication MFA Tips App Passcode

After getting multiple errors, change your login credentials. For email address, continue using yours. For password, use the app password you saved.

Denying Access To Hackers

As you have already learned, MFA boosts your Office 365 security by requiring two different types of credentials. If a hacker somehow learned what your Office 365 password was, it still wouldn’t be enough to gain access into your email or data. However, hackers are using social engineering tactics to trick users with MFA into letting them in.

MFA Two Factor Authentication

With MFA activated, your Office 365 login process now includes either a smartphone app notification, text message, or phone call. Be on the lookout for suspicious behavior! If you get a notification, text, or call, but you are not logging into any program or web app, do not verify. Hit “Deny” on the app, ignore the text, or hang-up the call. Then, reach out to SWAT Systems and let them know you suspect you need an Office 365 password reset.

More FAQs and Answers

You can’t have change without a few questions. After going through this whole MFA experience, we’re positive you have one or two in mind. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions, along with our answers.

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