Missing Cloud Data “Glitch”: What You Need to Know

Missing Cloud Data Cloud Glitch

As a managed service provider, we recommend to anyone who asks, that they use cloud services. But there is so much more to it than just putting your files into a cloud system. That system has to be configured correctly for your business and backed up. Too often this important step gets ignored by businesses, which many learned the hard way when a recent Microsoft issue surfaced.

The Truth Behind Recent Missing Cloud Data

A mysterious “bug” surfaced recently in cloud services including Microsoft 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint and others. No one was quite sure if this was a glitch, a cyber attack, a software bug or something else.

Most Cloud users weren’t even aware of the glitch. If they looked at their cloud data folders everything looked fine. When they looked inside those folders, however, they found out there were no files. None. Not in any folder.

So where were they? Many were found in the cloud’s trash and were able to be retrieved. This happened right after a Microsoft cloud outage and the  initial assumption was “user error.” Examining the logs, however, made it clear that there were too many files deleted all at once to be an accident. Was it a hack?

In this case, no. Eventually, it was revealed to be an error in the cloud system’s ability to recognize users correctly when they signed in. Some of those users simply signed out and in again and their problem was resolved. For others, the data was lost unless they had backup systems.

Though this was a technical misconfiguration, it could easily have been a cyber attack, user error or other cause. That’s why it is so necessary to back up your cloud data.

Is Your Cloud Data Backed Up?

This comes as a shock to many, but your data is not automatically backed up in the cloud. In fact, most cloud providers do NOT include backups as part of their service. Read your service agreement and buy a separate backup solution if necessary.  

A managed service provider can help you decide the best type of backup(s) for your company and then help you implement them.

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Oops…You’ve Already Lost Data?  Here’s What To Do

You’re not sure but you think you have already lost some files or just cannot find them. 

Talk to your IT service provider about restoring from backups. If you don’t have an IT service provider or you aren’t backing up your cloud, get one and start that conversation immediately. You can’t count on the cloud providers, to keep your business data safe.

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