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Phishing Prevention Tips

Email is one of today’s most commonly used communication tools in the workplace and beyond. With such easy access to your computer from your innocent inbox, cyber security is of great importance. That’s why its so important to stay up to date on the latest phishing prevention tips. How can you find a phishing email? What should you do to prevent them? At SWAT Systems, we created this one-page cheat sheet to help you and your team spot the warning signs of a scam and avoid them once and for all.

This free one-page, easy-to-follow cheat sheet will help you by giving these phishing prevention tips:

  • The “do’s” to make it harder for phishers to trick you
  • The “don’ts” when it comes to taking action too fast
  • The “nevers” for sharing information
  • And more!

After downloading the checklist, put the phishing prevention tips into practice by:

  • Checking the sender and URL in an email
  • Not downloading unknown applications
  • Keeping your personal information off the internet
  • Training your team to watch for phishing scams

Knowing the do’s, don’ts and nevers will help you avoid phishing scams. Download the phishing prevention cheat to avoid falling victim to attacks and shore up your cyber security.

You May Get Hacked

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Whether you've been hit by ransomware or are just worried about a ransomware attack, this checklist can help. This one page checklist has simple instructions to help your team act fast and feel confident in how to respond. Print, post and prepare your team wo know what to do in a ransomware attack.

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