Remote Work Options


With the growing concern around the Coronavirus, we’re sharing remote work options.

Obviously, physical health is of utmost importance. Now, and during any cold and flu season, we strongly recommend that users only use their own respective desk phones, keyboards and mice. Then have those devices cleaned and sanitized each week. If computer or work space sharing is a necessity, we recommend disinfecting wipes between uses.

Security is important, too. When it comes to remoting users into your business network, each time you open an additional remote gateway into your system for each user, security and hacker concerns increase. While we have counter measures and safeguards we put in place to help lessen the risk for each remote user, please understand the risk still increases. As the marketplace explores more and more remote work options due to this virus, opportunities are created for hackers to increase their attacks as more doorways are opened. Due to this, as we move forward, we will be sharing information about two-factor authentication which helps secure remote connection in the upcoming months.

When working remotely, many times, users will use their personal home or laptop computers to connect to work. The problem is those home computers are not behind the protection of a business network that comprises a server, commercial firewall, regular security and critical operating system updates and our multi-level SWAT TotalCare security services. Then, in addition, most users use their personal home computers or laptops to watch movies, visit social media sites and other sites that are plagued with malware, spyware and other threats. These habits all increase the risk to your business network when connected. It’s strongly recommended, anytime you use a personal device to connect to a business network, limit web surfing, social media and file sharing sites, as well as random shopping sites.

Hardware for Remote Work Options

For users looking at purchasing devices to connect to their business network, those computers do not need to be overly high powered, but do need at least 8 GB of memory, Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro, however, not “Windows 10 S”.

Both your home and business internet connection speeds will also dictate the experience you have. You will need at least a 15 mbps connection speed at both locations. Having a robust home and business internet speed is important.

That above information shared, remote access will allow remote users to connect to their business network, then take over their office computer as if they were sitting in front of it. There will be some limitations on what peripherals will be accessible, like network devices and printers connected to that remote workstation. Most times, home printers will work.

While SWAT provides many hardware options for you to choose from, we have two main options that may work well for you:

Option 1: SWAT will provide a commercial-grade Dell Desktop with a standard configuration with an i5 processor, 8 gig memory, wi-fi card, a 256gig SSD hard drive and monitor plus your flat-rate setup cost. Work with your account manager for a quote. Then, once this pandemic subsides, for a nominal fee, SWAT would then re-install this business and commercial-grade computer at your business location.

Option 2: SWAT Systems would set up and configure your existing Windows 10 home/pro home system on an actual time and material basis.

For both options above, the below items would be needed:

  1. An SSL security type license may be needed to connect your personal device to your business firewall. Which firewall you have and the number of remote licenses needed will determine that one-time cost, if any. That one-time cost will range from $55 up to $150 per user.
  2. We would need remote access to that user’s home or remote computer, while that user is present, to configure the remote access links and setup, and to show the user how to access the network.
  3. For clients using remote file transfer systems such as File Cloud to share files, an additional license may be needed, as well as some system setup and configuration time billed on an actual time and material basis.
  4. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link; and each remote device becomes that weak link. A certain level of security will be needed from our SWAT security services that will include our anti-virus/anti-malware (complete with a full AV/AM pre-scan of that system prior to connection business network), web protection services and remote support agent. The cost for these features is $15.50 per month. Any additional service needs will be billed at your hourly rates, or you may choose to add that device to your monthly support plan.
  5. As each system and user is unique, each remote user would be set up on an actual time and material basis at your discounted hourly rate of $130 per hour at a Total Care Client.

Making It Work

We hope this helps share a bit more information as to the risks, options and costs should you decide to have employees work from home.

Because this may be a need that becomes in high demand, we would ask that you prioritize which employees should be set up first, as we work to balance the needs of all our clients.

As new information about this pandemic continues to flow, we ask for your patience. We are working hard to accommodate our client’s regular daily service needs on top of these new additional requests.

During this time of uncertainty, SWAT Systems is here to help provide you options and to help support you and your organization. Please let us know if you have any questions or ways we may be of service.

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