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What Is a Vulnerability vs an Exploit?

what is a vulnerability vs an exploit

A vulnerability can be defined as a weak spot in a system. Cybercriminals gain access to a network through IT vulnerabilities. Not all weak spots are in the source code itself, and it is virtually impossible to have no weak spots. 

As it turns out, the biggest vulnerability for the majority of companies are their people. 

Some human examples of vulnerabilities include a human response to phishing emails or weak passwords, while technological vulnerability examples include weaknesses in the software code of a program or software that hasn’t been updated or patched.

Exploits require vulnerabilities to exist, which is why preventing vulnerabilities is critical for the health of your organization. A cybercriminal uses a vulnerability to exploit a system.

In today’s world, bad actors don’t need to be sophisticated coders or computer experts to exploit a vulnerability — especially of the human kind. Bad actors can purchase automated tools to take advantage of weaknesses on a grand scale. 

There’s plenty of data available on the dark web to trick your team into making a mistake and letting criminals in.

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