FAQ: Common Business IT Questions Answered

What Is Endpoint Backup?

To explain what endpoint backup is, we first have to explain the word endpoint. An endpoint is simply a device on which you create and load data: Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, manufacturing machines and health system devices are all endpoints. They are the last stage in the IT system.

Endpoint backup involves protecting your data on each of these endpoints by also saving it to another location, separately. Some of this could be done automatically at a backup location such as iCloud, Microsoft Drive, etc. The caveat is that they all must be backed up individually.

A shared system backup is a solution for companies to store backup files centrally with the work accessible to all (with a permission structure as needed). Both shared system backups and endpoint backups can use local servers, cloud solutions or a combination of both.

Your managed IT provider can help you determine the best data backup solution for your business, whether that is endpoint backups, shared system backups or a hybrid solution.

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