What to do When Hit with a Ransomware Attack: Get The Checklist

Ransomware Response Checklist 2022 SWAT

As a managed IT and cyber security provider, SWAT Systems regularly trains teams in what to do during a ransomware attack and, just as importantly, how to prevent them.

Ransomware is just what it’s name implies: the criminal will demand payment and may also threaten to corrupt all your data/publish it, block it or use some other catastrophic measure to make your life miserable.  

Just this year (early 2022) ransomware payment demands averaged $211,259 according to Coveware. The FBI reports that ransomware attacks are up 62 percent so far in 2022. Despite these numbers, only about 50% of small businesses have any plan for responding to ransomware attacks according to an UpCity survey.

Take steps NOW to prepare your team on what to do if they’re hit with a ransom attack. Fill in the short form below to access our free Ransomware Checklist download. 

It will tell you:

  • What analysis-based measures are needed
  • How to keep business continuity
  • How to prevent future attacks
  • Plus much more info!

Email it, post it and put it on the agenda for discussion at your next meeting.  Knowing what to do during a ransomware attack is a critical part of securing your business.

Need help training  your team in implementing this checklist? Or with any business IT and Cyber Security needs? Contact us or book an appointment for a free, no pressure consultation.

You May Get Hacked

Know What to Do with our Checklist

Whether you've been hit by ransomware or are just worried about a ransomware attack, this checklist can help. This one page checklist has simple instructions to help your team act fast and feel confident in how to respond. Print, post and prepare your team wo know what to do in a ransomware attack.

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