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Remote Work Options

With the growing concern around the Coronavirus, we’re sharing remote work options. Obviously, physical health is of utmost importance. Now, and during any cold and flu season, we strongly recommend that users only use their own respective desk phones, keyboards and mice. Then have those devices cleaned and sanitized each week. If computer or work…

Managing Remote Workers, Seattle IT Support

7 Tips for Managing Remote Workers

At SWAT Systems, we are helping a lot of clients with systems and processes for managing remote workers this week. As a leading Seattle Managed Services provider, we felt that it would be helpful to share some best practices below: 1. Communicate often. Plan for regular, frequent communication with your teams. Social distance is one…

Work From Home Cyber Security, Seattle IT Support

Cyber Security for Working at Home

With the new normal of vacated offices and students at home taking classes online, SWAT Systems is offering tips for cyber security for working at home. Whether you’re following precautions for the corona virus or just fighting the common cold, you can still be productive and safe. Follow these tech tips and stay healthy out…

strangers photos on your iphone

Is This Normal? Strangers’ photos on your iPhone

Get answers to those head-scratching “Is This Normal?” tech questions in this series. The Scenario Imagine you are walking around the mall or a park and you want to share a picture with someone. You open your photos gallery, select the image you want to share, and then tap the share button. Share options pop-up……


Mesh WiFi vs Routers or Repeaters

The WiFi that we have come to love and need has received some new tricks recently. I’m not referring to the typical “now even faster” promotions that routinely arrive every year. Mesh WiFi has been the trending topic in the wireless internet industry and it’s something you should consider for your home. The Ol’ Trusted…

loud macbook fan

Is This Normal? Loud Macbook Fan

Get answers to those head-scratching “Is This Normal?” tech questions in this series. The Scenario You recently upgraded to a new MacBook Pro (with TouchBar!) because you love the performance and user experience that Apple is renowned for. But you were surprised that the fan was so loud and the laptop body was rapidly heating…