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cloud computing advantages for businesses

The CEO’s Guide to Cloud Computing Advantages for Businesses

Cloud computing advantages for businesses have been growing for years and that pace accelerated during the COVID pandemic. When the stay-in-place orders were handed down during the first quarter of 2020, it became indisputably apparent. CEOs and self-employed entrepreneurs knew that to protect and continue their business, they needed to migrate to a cloud computing…

Microsoft exchange hack

Hack Puts Microsoft Exchange Servers at Risk: How To Protect Your Business

Do you use Microsoft Exchange Server? If it’s an on-premises server YOU ARE AT RISK! Microsoft announced the security vulnerability March 2, 2021 and companies in this situation need to immediately download patches and check for IOC’s (Indicators of Compromise). Since that announcement, the DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued Emergency Directive 21-02 requiring…

Microsoft teams new features

Microsoft Teams New Features

As expected,  Microsoft has added a lot of new features to enhance your Microsoft Teams experience. Some are quite useful and others interesting to consider for the future. Here’s a not-so-brief list. New Microsoft Teams Apps The newest features to Teams are Bulletins and Milestones apps. These are simple configuration options within Teams. The Bulletins…

IT Support For Business Managed IT Checklist

Find IT Support for Business with our 2021 Managed IT Checklist

These days with so many IT issues changing constantly, finding the best managed IT support for your business can feel mind-blowing. Which to choose, how to choose it, what do you need to ask? That’s why we created a one-page checklist to help you gather the information to find IT support for business. Are you…

Solarwinds Cyber Attack

SolarWinds Cyber Attack: 2021 Implications For Your Business

The SolarWinds Orion Cyber Attack in December successfully infiltrated more than 250 networks including private companies and government agencies with a trojanized Orion update. The attack was discovered by FireEye, a cyber security company, as it was honing its own security systems.  What Exactly Is Orion?  SolarWinds Orion is a platform building product that is…

Microsoft MFA Warning

The Microsoft MFA Warning: What It Means for Multi-Factor Authentication

The Microsoft MFA warning issued recently was accurate and necessary, but it also left people a bit confused about multi-factor authentication. Here’s the bottom line, from our cyber security experts. When you log in to an account, you need to prove that you are you. Signing in with a username and password shows this because…